Wayfinder is a process guide and online platform currently in development under the GRAID program at Stockholm Resilience Centre, in collaboration with the Resilience Alliance and the Australian Resilience Centre. The platform applies a complexity lens to the challenge of navigating toward sustainable futures.

Building on a social-ecological systems approach to resilience assessment, Wayfinder is inspired by the Polynesian seafarers who travelled over thousands of kilometres of open water by interpreting and synthesizing cues from the weather and sea, while maintaining knowledge of their relative location and the direction they were heading.

In many respects this is similar to finding a way through present day uncertainty and accelerating change to move toward, rather than away from, sustainable futures. Resilience assessment enables the synthesis of knowledge and guides a process of enquiry into how and where to intervene to shift a system onto sustainable pathways. The Wayfinder guide and online platform is designed to help create that way forward while building capacity for adapting and transforming.

The Wayfinder approach supports a process of developing strategic actions to guide change. It is informed by recent scientific advances around participation and the co-production of knowledge, a relational theory of change, cross-scale interactions and pathways for sustainability transformation. Wayfinder is a practice-oriented approach designed for use by program teams, planners, and managers who can engage with stakeholders at multiple levels and open a space for collaboration to influence strategic action.

The process guide will be available as an interactive online platform accompanied by a set of annotated tools. The dynamic and interactive web-based platform will function as both a guide and knowledge resource that will drive learning and advance the practice of resilience assessment.

Expected launch is Spring 2018.