Stockholm Resilience Centre new host of Global Resilience Partnership secretariat

The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP), an independent partnership of public and private organizations working towards a sustainable and prosperous future for all, has moved its secretariat to the Stockholm Resilience Centre, home of GRAID. The secretariat acts as a support to the entire partnership, including several big actors in the international development sector. GRAID is one of GRP’s knowledge partners, sharing its findings and applications with the GRP while the GRP acts a platform for GRAID’s work.

With the relocation to Stockholm Resilience Centre, GRP’s start to focus more on resilience thinking and its applications, and will also view the world as more interconnected. “We are excited to be the new host of the GRP Secretariat and see this as a real opportunity to help develop a global partnership for transformations to resilience building for sustainable development in the Anthropocene, by strengthen the synergy between knowledge and solutions,” says Johan Rockström, executive director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

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The GRP will also welcome a new CEO, Deon Nel. Currently the global conservation director at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Nel will take on full responsibility come August. Nel hails from South Africa and has spent most of his career working in and with developing countries, particularly in Africa. In his current role at the WWF, he oversees WWF’s conservation efforts spanning around 100 countries. He also has experience with developing partnerships between the public sector, private sector, and with multilateral development banks. Furthermore, he has overseen WWF’s Global Policy & Advocacy team during the finalisation and adoption of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Dr. Nel also believes in the importance of resilience in development. He says that:

“the world needs the thinking around resilience more than it ever needed it before. We are at a tipping point seeing risk levels higher than ever before, but the opportunity to embrace resilience is at the highest point as well. The GRP stands at a key point that we can capitalize on. This is an important and opportune moment for GRP, which I am excited to be part of and lead in the future.”

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