Guidance for resilience in the Anthropocene (GRAID)

GRAID is a programme hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) and funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). It aims to bridge the worlds of resilience thinking and development practice.

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Latest news from from SRC and Rethink

By Stockholm Resilience Centre

Carl Folke wins the Gunnerus Sustainability Award

Centre science director Carl Folke awarded the 2017 Gunnerus Award in Sustainability Science for his outstanding scientific work

By Stockholm Resilience Centre

Fed to the lionfish

Invasion of the Indo-Pacific lionfish outside Jamaica reveals need to improve collaboration within marine protected areas

By Stockholm Resilience Centre

The big blue

Feed resources is the big challenge for expansion of marine aquaculture - not lack of suitable ocean space

By Stockholm Resilience Centre

A game changer for change-makers

Social innovation initiatives must be fit for the challenges of the Anthropocene

By Stockholm Resilience Centre

Getting it right on collaboration

Collaborative governance not always fit for solving environmental problems, according to new review article in Science

By Stockholm Resilience Centre

Early career perspectives on Future Earth: Ecology and civilization

Free online conference, Ecology and civilization , for young scholars happening from 14-18 August 2017. Stockholm Resilience Centre will host a session on 15 August...

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