Guidance for resilience in the Anthropocene (GRAID)

GRAID is a programme hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) and funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). It aims to bridge the worlds of resilience thinking and development practice.

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A resilience perspective on complexity and development

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Development in the Anthropocene: The role of resilience

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Latest news from from SRC and Rethink

By Stockholm Resilience Centre

Turbulence ahead

Large-scale changes in Arctic marine food web can be expected within 50 years, some good, but in the long run several critical

By Stockholm Resilience Centre

Defrosted ocean futures

A new framework suggested to manage complex climate futures in the world’s most northern ocean

By Stockholm Resilience Centre

A fundamental misrepresentation of the Planetary Boundaries framework

Responding to recent criticism, the main authors behind the framework explain how Planetary Boundaries does not rely on an assumption of thresholds or “tipping points”...

By Stockholm Resilience Centre

The 10 science ‘Must Knows’ on Climate Change”

“Collision course” with Earth’s climatic tipping points avoidable but political will to act missing, warn scientists

By Stockholm Resilience Centre

The global ocean and the future of humanity

Seminar with Professor Rashid Sumaila, one of the world’s most innovative researchers on the future of the oceans

By Stockholm Resilience Centre

What good natural resource management should look like

The Sakuraebi fishery in Taiwan is known as a success story among natural resource management scientists. New study looks at how leadership helped influence success

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